Victoria, BC.


Tel: (250) 744-0409


Locals, Join our "Standby" List:

For those on their own, we try to put together groups of individuals for day and half day sails. If you happen to live in the Victoria area (or convenient to it) and and can sail at short notice, our "Stand- By" List will save you 10% and get you sailing!


1. We will also need your telephone number and email and the days and times you prefer to sail.

2. These trips are subject to availability, and require the minimum of three persons (including yourself) for us to sail aboard either Ibis our Beneteau sloop or Blackfish, our Trimaran.



low impact tourism
Philosophy: Blackfish is a proud member of Earth Foot, a society dedicated to low-impact eco-tourism - sail and tour operations which are owner-operated and respectful of our wonderful and fragile marine environment.